A Pipe Able Sponsor is a retail tobacconist or pipe shop that: registers their accessibility to disabled persons with Pipe Able and displays the Pipe Able Accessible Sign.

“The members are wonderful customers and the Pipe Able products SELL!!”
Marty Pulvers, owner
Sherlock’s Haven
San Francisco, CA

“Pipe Able helps us to improve the quality of life for the new customers it brings into our store. Its great!”
Donna Brown, owner
Mission Pipe Shop
San Jose, CA

This Pipe Able Symbol means WELCOME to pipe smoking men with disabilities. Decal is complimentary with registration.

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Listing in worldwide accessibility directory.
  • Resell Pipe Able products.
  • Links between web sites.
  • Expand customer base


  • Your pledge of support
  • No Fee