Welcome to Pipe Able!

Pipe Able is a nonprofit organization for pipe smoking men, especially those with disabilities, whose purpose is to improve the quality of life for the membership through the art and practice of pipe smoking.

Organization Profile

Pipe Able serves the members by providing a network for pipe information and social activities through the world wide web. Membership is free, so JOIN NOW!

Pipe Able facilitates product discounts and special offers for the membership from Sponsoring Tobacconists, Pipe Shops and Related Tobacco Industries. These Official Sponsors have pledged their accessibility for disabled pipe smokers.

We are supporters of the R.T.D.A. and affiliated with the Universal Coterie of Pipe Smokers and the North American Society of Pipe Collectors.

The founder and acting director is Charles Robert Beeson of San Jose, California. Chuck is an obsessed pipe fanatic. He has multiple sclerosis and receives numerous speeding tickets traveling in his PIPE POWERED wheel chair!

About Pipe Smoking: 10 Reasons To Light Up A Pipe

  1. A pipe has all the qualities of a best friend – never demanding, yet always there when you need it.
  2. A pipe replaces stress with calm and clear thinking.
  3. A bowlful of the very best tobacco costs surprisingly little.
  4. Conversations and clear thoughts come easier while smoking a pipe.
  5. A pipe is a symbol of your individuality.
  6. Some of the civilized world’s most creative thinkers have been pipe smokers.
  7. A pipe is an investment in personal pleasure.
  8. Properly cared for, a good pipe never loses its value.
  9. After all the tobacco has been smoked, you still have your pipe.
  10. You can’t help but think a person smoking a pipe knows something that you don’t.

Contact Information

Telephone: 408.453.0606
Fax: 408.436.8097
Postal address: 1359 Keoncrest Ave , San Jose , CA 95110
E mail: chuck@pipeable.org